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Unlock Your Perfect Morning Routine With 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Dilyse Diaz LMFT Explains How A Mindset Can Make All The Difference In A Morning Routine

Do you ever wake up, have trouble getting out of bed, have a slow morning while trying to motivate yourself to accomplish something? Meanwhile, the day seems to pass you by in the blink of an eye, with 2 p.m. coming and going with you still in your pajamas?

Well, you’re not alone.

Everyone, no matter how productive they may seem, is sometimes faced with the struggle of poor focus, lack of productivity, and accomplishing work or tasks every now and then.

This article is designed to help you change all of that. There is one thing in your way. Your mindset. Often people are determined to start a new habit and give it their best effort, only to quickly fall off their desired, new path.

In no time, it seems they are back to “square one” and have rapidly reverted to old patterns of behavior. Upon realizing they were once again “UNSUCCESSFUL,” they think unproductive thoughts like “Ugh. I failed again!” and they feel defeated and give up on pursuing what they want in life.

This is why so many people settle for a sub-standard, mediocre life. THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOU! I will teach you an inspiring, morning routine that will set the tone for your entire day. Are you ready for new, effective, practical techniques and strategies you can put into action to gain momentum for genuine success? Then read on…

Think about why you do anything.

What motivates you to do any task in your life? I bet your answer is, “Because I want to feel good?” If you think about it, everything we say we want is because doing it or having it will ultimately bring us some peace, joy, contentment, happiness, love and freedom.

Why bother with a morning routine?

The purpose of this intentional morning routine is to gain momentum in the direction you want your life to go.

The more happy, wonderful, positive, appreciative feelings you can evoke, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more you attract things that feel good.

Knowing why you fail will give you the power to succeed!

Before we know how to start a successful morning routine, it helps to look at the many reasons why morning routines fail.

Sometimes people just are “not morning people,” they don’t think well or feel motivated in the morning, they don’t know how, or don’t have the right information for lasting change. Even with proper information, some people simply aren’t prepared and they wake up starting the day running to catch up with themselves.

Can you identify your obstacles? What is your excuse for not having a morning routine that works for you? If you are like some of my friends, you may need to get some endorphins going with some stretching, yoga or a brisk walk or run. Some people wake their brains up with a relaxing shower or have a bit of coffee sitting quietly outside as the sun rises.

There is no single morning routine that will work for everyone, BUT HAVING THE RIGHT MINDSET DOES WORK FOR EVERYONE. I will teach you that now. Here is the big issue. Change isn’t easy. Old habits die hard.

Knowledge is Power: The Truth About Habits

A habit (a pattern of behavior practiced over time) is NOT achieved in “21 days” as most people think.

The truth about our brain is that a new behavior or habit actually takes 90-120 days of consistent and constant repetition before your brain forms a new habit, makes a new neural connection and integrates that behavior as the “new normal” for you.

Being that 90-120 is a long time to consistently practice a new behavior so it becomes second nature, it is important to have a solid process you can accomplish over time, for lasting change. My free template provides exactly what you need.

Ultimate Happiness.

I want you to feel in charge of your day, your life, your emotions, and your satisfaction. The feeling of FREEDOM comes from feeling good independent of anyone or anything.

Repeat…The feeling of FREEDOM comes from feeling good independent of anyone or anything. Imagine if you could master feeling good despite what is going on around you or what anyone else is doing or saying.

That would be true freedom.

I guarantee the world would be greatly improved if we each took responsibility for how we think and feel!


In this article and with my FREE in-depth morning routines guide, you will learn how to take control of your day and become the most productive version of yourself!

When you are intentional about what you want from your day, you move forward creating what you want.

If you don’t spend time deciding what you want from your day, you are unprepared and vulnerable to chaos resulting in major stress.

The free, personalized template I created for you to print out and fill out each morning will get you into the habit of thinking about creating your day first thing in the morning. Don’t forget, your mindset dictates your experience in life!

Go into the night, preparing for a new day.

If you want total truth, the best morning routines and rituals that will drastically improve your life actually begin the night before.

If you spend 10-20 minutes the night before planning how you will organize yourself to practice the techniques I am going to teach you, you get out ahead of your excuses and set yourself up to form a new habit and lock your neural pathways into a new practice. The habits you have now are locked into your brain and it takes consistent practice, over time, to make a powerful mindset change.

Will you make a commitment to yourself and practice filling out my free template to create a new mindset that will change your life? Do you think you are worth doing whatever it takes to remind yourself to fill this out for the next 90 days?

Building the Most Effective 5 Step Daily Routine to Change Your Entire Life.

Download my FREE “Morning Ritual” template here and follow along with your own goals!

Step 1:

Decide what you want from your day?

How do you want your day to feel? What do you want to experience today? The first major step is to create a state of feeling good regardless of anyone or anything else. Write down your answer each day.


I want to feel connected and loved.

Step 2:

What are some things you can do to create this feeling?

What things are you in control of that can bring about the feelings and experiences you want?


I want to feel connection and love so I can send love texts to my kids telling them how much I value them. I can do something kind for someone randomly. I can do something kind for myself today to increase feelings of self-love).

There are many ideas you can come up with to create what you say you want from your day. YOU are the deliberate creator. YOU decide where you will give your attention and energy. YOU decide what you will spend your time on and what thoughts you allow or don’t allow yourself to focus on. What you give your time and energy to is what you will create.

Step 3:

What will you COMMIT to doing today to create what you want?

This is where you get specific and make a commitment to follow through with the detailed directions you give yourself.


The 3 things I commit to doing to create the a feeling of connection and love for myself will be to:

  1. Text each of my children individually and tell them two heart- felt reasons I think they are amazing.

  2. Randomly drop off flowers anonymously at a neighbor who is having a hard time, leaving a note telling them they are valued.

  3. Take time to meditate outside in nature for 15 minutes or more this morning to connect to creation, earth, God, Source energy and get myself charged up with pure positive love.

Step 4:

Write something you are grateful for, love, value, appreciate and respect at this moment in time.


I am grateful for my health.

I love the people I surround myself with.

I value kindness.

I appreciate the beauty around me at my house with all my beautiful flowers.

I respect people who work to grow themselves and evolve.

Step 5:

Sit quietly for five minutes and FEEL the good feelings associated with what you are grateful for, love, value, appreciate and respect right now.

Powerful change takes place more quickly when you visualize, feel, and think all wonderful things at the same time. Practicing feeling good raises your vibration and attracts greatness.

The bottom line is if you don’t tell your day what you want from it, the day (and circumstances of that day) will dictate how you feel. This morning ritual that will absolutely, unequivocally change your life, empowering you each day to create the life you are craving.

I would love to hear from you and you drastically improved the quality of your life using my free "Morning Ritual” template.

If you haven’t subscribed to by email list, be sure to enter your email below. I send out free morning meditations, videos and step-by-step guides to improve your life!

Do this EVERYDAY. Change your mindset, change your life!

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