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Join one of Dilyse's amazing destination wellness retreats located in idyllic locations across the world. 

Dilyse carefully crafts every retreat to be the perfect balance of relaxation, learning, community and growth. Create the best version of yourself in the world's top vacation destinations at 5-star resorts. 




“Dilyse creates a way for every person to expand and improve their lives through solid steps using effective methodologies including neuroscience and positive psychology. Dilyse is one of the most unique and intuitive leaders in personal transformation with powerful techniques tailored to each individual. She cares deeply and invests in the well-being of humanity in a way that is rare and special.”

John Assaraf

CEO of MyNeuroGym

When we have someone in trouble, Dilyse is our 'go-to' therapist. We are confident to know that person will get the best treatment and care there is.

Cary Quashen 
CEO of Action MFC

"The resources and tools I gained through DIlyse's workshop have been invaluable in both my personal and professional life. The advice and personalized techniques she offers at her workshop have been monumental in changing how I approach the inevitable difficulties of life, helping me grow not only my career, but as a person as well!"

Beau Elliott

CEO at Beau Elliott Consulting

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Take home the best-selling book with all the knowledge Dilyse has to offer on doing divorce the right way, ensuring the ones you love are protected.





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  Email: Dilyse@DilyseDiaz.com

Phone: (661) 904 - 0113

  Santa Clarita, California. United States

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