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Join one of Dilyse's premier group workshops and enhance how you live in a supportive setting! These workshops allow you to join a community that shares your goals and mindset, providing you with a setting to build the best version of yourself!

Dilyse offers several unique groups to meet the distinct needs of every participant. Discover each of her workshops to find the group that aligns perfectly with your goals and personality!

Effective Parenting Effective Life
Dilyse's Newport Retreat
Group Workshop with Dilyse Diaz Santa Clarita Therapist
Women's Group With Dilyse Diaz

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Heal, Learn and Grow with a Group of Individuals Who Share Your Passions 

Break Through

Barriers With Dilyse's New Hit Game

Dilyse has created this hit game, uniquely designed to stimulate conversation between parents, kids and spouses, allowing you to open up and start talking about difficult topics. Check out why everyone is talking about the hit game INSIDEOUT today!




Dilyse Diaz's Newport Retreat Group Photo

Three years ago I was at such a low point I couldn't get out of bed. After three years of participating and decide to thrive events I can't even remember that feeling. You
were given so many tools to create a great life. Highly recommended.

Decide 2 Thrive Participant


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