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Meet Dilyse

Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Author, Mom and Mental Health Expert.

Dilyse Diaz specializes in her ability to actively tune into clients with profound insight as a licensed psychotherapist and wellness coach.

Always creative, she works side-by-side with you to build the right path to a better life. For more than two decades, Dilyse’s private practice has been a primary avenue for remarkable personal transformation.


Dilyse is an internationally recognized wellness expert and can be seen on national television in the United States, helping thousands of people navigate and overcome life’s toughest obstacles. Dilyse has an extraordinary way of helping people create a clear path to a satisfying, happy life.


Dilyse Diaz's style of interacting with others inspires hope and teaches “everything is possible” by way of practical skills in an understandable format that is easy to apply. Dilyse's courses help people quickly go from a mundane life, to a thriving, fulfilling future.


Dilyse serves as a Special Master for the Superior Court and has an award-winning book, created one of the best games out there for building communication skills, and has worked side-by-side with individuals, children, families, and groups all around the world. Leading personal transformation luxury destination retreats, writing books, appearing on television and radio, it’s undeniable that Dilyse’s passion is to do everything possible to teach the right skills each person needs to lead an enriched, incredible, fulfilling life.


Her mindset and philosophy are grounded in a belief that everyone is worthy and capable, they just need the right guidance to know how to be a deliberate creator of exactly the kind of life they want.

When there is a problem, there is always a solution, 
and together we will find a better way

to live.

Dilyse Diaz

Media From Dilyse

Discover the latest videos and media from Dilyse Diaz.

Watch Dilyse deliver expert advice to guests on the Robert Irvine show. Dilyse Diaz is a frequent guest on the hit show, providing her professional opinion to numerous individuals and helping thousands of people across the world learn more about healthy relationships and improving their outlook on life.

Learn how mindfulness can easily improve your life from a mental health and wellness expert. Dilyse Diaz offers free daily meditations on her Youtube channel to help you stay centered and improve your life! Subscribe to Daily Dilyse for free tips on how to create your best self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dilyse Diaz LMFT Currently Accepting New Patients?

Yes! Dilyse Diaz is currently accepting new patients. To make your first appointment, please fill out the contact form below, or send Dilyse an email at Dilyse@DilyseDiaz.com

Does Dilyse Diaz LMFT Accept My Insurance?

Dilyse Diaz accepts most major insurance providers. To check if Dilyse accepts your specific insurance, please fill out the contact form below or send Dilyse an email at Dilyse@dilysediaz.com

Where is Dilyse Diaz's therapy office located?

Dilyse Diaz's office is located in Santa Clarita California at 23734 Valencia Blvd Ste 306, Valencia, CA 91355. Dilyse also offers virtual therapy appointments which can be scheduled from anywhere in the world!

How Do I Make An Appointment With Dilyse Diaz LMFT?

To make your first appointment with Dilyse Diaz, or to get a free therapy estimate, fill out the contact form below, or send Dilyse Diaz an email at Dilyse@DilyseDiaz.com.

What are Dilyse Diaz's Therapy Hours?

Dilyse Diaz LMFT offers therapy services in Santa Clarita, CA, from 9 am - 6pm Monday through Friday. For Dilyse Diaz's digital service hours, please fill out the contact form below.

How to do I enroll in Dilyse Diaz's next destination retreat?

To enroll in Dilyse Diaz's next all-inclusive destination retreat, please visit the Retreats page, or subscribe to DIlyse's email list to stay up to date with all retreats, events and announcements!


Let’s Talk.

  Email: Dilyse@DilyseDiaz.com

Phone: (661) 904 - 0113

  Santa Clarita, California. United States

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