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Healing Toxic Relationships

A one-hour intensive relationship seminar with nationally recognized psychotherapist, Dilyse Diaz, LMFT (as seen on national television!)


Does this sound familiar?

My relationship started off like a dream come true and now I feel lost and confused.

I used to feel like a priority and I now I feel like I'm just an option.

I am hiding the truth of my relationship from the people who really care about me. 

I wish my relationship was healthier and happier because truthfully it is pretty toxic at this point. 


If so, I built this hour of support just for YOU!

I believe you deserve happiness. I want to help. Healing a toxic or unhealthy relationship is hard, and is not something you should go through alone. 

Join me and dozens of individuals from around the world for an in-depth seminar on gaslighting, communication skills and valuable tools you need to create happy, healthy relationships in your life.

may 19th, 2021

5pm-6pm PsT

may 22nd, 2021

9am-10am PsT



You knew exactly what steps to take to tackle gaslighting or manipulation in your relationships.

You felt safe to express your true self in your relationship without criticism. 

You can feel happy again. 

You didn't have to walk around eggshells in your own life.

You woke up excited for your day instead of dreading it. 

You feel the freedom to fearlessly be yourself.

What's Included

A one hour live coaching experience with award-winning author and national television star Dilyse Diaz, LMFT ($400 Value)

Understand gaslighting and manipulation. 

Develop a sense of self-love and worthiness

Learn effective boundaries to manage toxic symptoms. 

Dilyse Diaz's one hour live seminar on gaslighting and relationships



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