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About the Retreat

October 4th - 6th | Marriot Resort & Villas

Dilyse Diaz's empowerment retreat to newport beach

Journey to the Newport Coast

This is an all-inclusive retreat for authentic women, ready to embrace their power in a safe place to explore their deepest selves and what they are capable of.


No judgment or crazy expectations. Just women who want to be supported and accepted just as they are and encouraged to leave feeling better, happier and more empowered. 

All women have the right to spend time and invest in themselves. Regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, physical ability, size or sexual orientation, you are welcome here. 

This retreat is for you, and for someone you may know. 

It's  Your Time

It’s YOUR TIME to restore your soul and reconnect to your greatest, most grounded self.  


During these uncertain times, clarity is what we crave most. Knowing what you want and how to get it is the focus of our 2-day wellness, personal transformation retreat.


Join us in finding your joy and connecting with your worthiness. This small, authentic, kind group of women is a safe place to explore and create your most powerful self. 


Dilyse Diaz Women Retreats

Grow With Dilyse

Dilyse Diaz Valencia CA Therapist
Hand Pile of Happy Group


Dilyse Diaz is a nationally recognized mental health and wellness expert and licensed psychotherapist for over two decades. Along with regular appearances on national television, and operating a thriving counseling and therapy private practice, Dilyse is a provider of a wide variety of personal transformation wellness retreats all over the world.

This October, join us in this heavenly setting in Newport Coast, California. The natural beauty of Southern California at Newport Coast Villas is truly breath-taking. The premium resort is nestled on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Embrace this time just for your personal well-being. When you are rejuvenated, everything in life gets that much easier.

What to gain at dilyse diaz's retreat

What You'll

Gain at this Retreat

Start Your Journey

Wellness Beach Retreat with Dilyse Diaz



Let's begin your personal journey towards building your best self.  Reserve your place at the Newport Coast destination retreat today!

Self-care and transformation is only a click away!

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