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Dilyse Diaz Effective Parenting Effective Life Group Workshop



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Dilyse's Premier

Parenting Workshop

8 Weeks, 1.5 Hour Online Sessions

Effective Parenting-Effective Life is a digital workshop that takes you through an intensive 8-week course through parenting strategies, communication techniques and far more.

This parenting workshop will transform your life and help you feel more competent and effective as a parent.

An extraordinary experience that will change the way you approach not only your kids, but your entire life.

Mother and Son


Young Family
Effective parenting with dilyse diaz

About the Workshop

Get the tools to build your best life

Intense, withdrawn, difficult, or defiant children can challenge you at a deep, emotional level. This class equips YOU with what YOU can do to stay calm, stable, and clear in your boundaries, discipline and approach to emotionally challenging situations with your children. The key to great parenting is knowing how to regulate and control YOUR emotions first.


Dilyse Diaz, L.M.F.T. teaches you exactly what to do to stay in control and be an effective parent so you can raise your children to be whole, happy, and emotionally healthy.


Learn how to communicate and set appropriate boundaries that express love instead of anger. 


Transform your child's weak spots into strengths with the skills and tools you will learn during the EPEL program. 


Begin to make extraordinary strides towards a positive connection with your child, and develop a discipline style that lays a foundation for a more peaceful home.  

Support Group

"Dilyse creates a way for every person to expand and improve their lives through solid steps using effective methodologies including neuroscience and positive psychology. Dilyse Diaz is one of the most unique and intuitive leaders in personal transformation with powerful techniques tailored to each individual. She cares deeply and invests in the well-being of humanity in a way that is rare and special.” 


CEO of NueroGym & NYT Best-Selling Author

Wendy Neilson Testimonial of Effective parenting workshop

"As a surgical nurse, I had trouble managing my stress and dealing with my divorce and parenting my teenage daughters. Through Dilyse’s transformational teaching, I learned how to create and maintain peace, both within myself and in my home. I learned how to set measurable goals for myself and I don’t limit myself to getting more of what I want in my life like I used to.  I learned how to take responsibility for my own happiness and really thrive. I love the changes, I’ve made with what I’ve learned and implemented in my life. I couldn’t have done it without Dilyse!"

Wendy Neilson

Surgical Nurse


"The resources and tools I gained through DIlyse's workshop have been invaluable in both my personal and professional life. The advice and personalized techniques she offers at her workshop have been monumental in changing how I approach the inevitable difficulties of life, helping me grow not only my career, but as a person as well!"


CEO of Beau Elliott Conulting

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Take home the best-selling book with all the knowledge Dilyse has to offer on doing divorce the right way, ensuring the ones you love are protected.






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Effective Parenting-Effective Life


Phone: (661) 904 - 0113

  Santa Clarita, California. United States

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