Newport Coast Destination Retreat

Newport Coast Destination Retreat

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Choose one of these amazing sleeping options during your stay at the retreat:

  • King bed/private room with ensuite bathroom. Solo $219/per night.
  • King bed with ensuite bathroom. Shared $120/per person/per night.
  • Queen Bed in private room with ensuite bath $199/per night
  • Queen bed in a shared room with one other person $139/per person/per night.
  • Queen sofa bed in a shared room with one other person $109/per person/per night.
  • Full-size bed in living room area $89/per person/per night.


Join Dilyse Diaz and other like minded women as they embark on a two day journey through healing, restoration and empowerment. This retreat will take you to the idyllic shores of Newport, California, where you will be guided through numerous self-empowerment and mediation courses over the period of two days. 


Dilyse is California leading mental health expert, with over two decades of experience helping women explore their lives and create the best versions of themselves.


Don't miss out, reserve your spot on this all-inclusive retreat to Neport Beach today!



    Sleeping Arrangements

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