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About Your Instructor

Dilyse Diaz, L.M.F.T.

Teaches the Secrets to Break Free
From Codependency & Create Healthy Relationships

Nationally renowned therapist Dilyse Diaz guides you through effective steps to recognize, overcome, and truly heal codependent patterns.

Join over a million happy students!


If you feel like you are missing a part of yourself lately, this could be from codependent relationships you may not even know exist. Build the best you with tools in this course. 

Build Healthy Relationships

Without proper skills and knowledge, building healthy relationships can be extremely difficult. Simple steps and techniques to create lasting, healthy relationships are featured in the course.

Learn to Connect

Until you put in the work on yourself, you cannot heal the relationships in your life. Learn the tools from renowned therapist Dilyse Diaz to create the version of yourself you want to be!


Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Always ending up in unhealthy relationships?

Feeling confused and lost and alone in your close relationships?


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